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Piano Tuning                                 Tuning Form

For optimal sound and performance, pianos should be tuned every six months, coinciding with the changes in heat and humidity in summer and winter. We can come to your home and tune your piano so it will sound its best!

Given the condition of your piano, and the length of time since it was tuned last, we suggest the following:

  • If your piano hasn't been tuned in 1.5 - 2 years or more, we recommend a PITCH RAISE. This generally produces a dramatically improved sound.
  • If your piano has been tuned within a year or less, a regular concert pitch tuning should suffice.
  • If keys are sticking or there are other mechanical issues, we would be happy to address them during your appointment, if possible.
  • If additional visits are deemed necessary by the technician, they will discuss that with you during your appointment as well to make sure instrument is in tune.

Piano Moving                                 Moving Form

Don't trust your piano investment to regular household movers!

One mistake can cause irreparable damage to both your instrument and your house!!!

At Piano Crafters, our movers are highly trained and experienced, and are bonded and insured. We use reliable trucks and quality equipment to ensure safe pickup and delivery when moving your instruments.

We offer the following moving services:

  • In-house moving of grand and upright pianos.
  • Local moves in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area.
  • Out-of-state moves (by special appointment - call for fees and scheduling).

Moving fees vary based on distance, difficulty, number of stairs, and other variables like terrain, weather, timing, and space constraints.


Repairs & Refurbishing

Sticky keys? Slow, unresponsive touch? Let us fix it for you!

At Piano Crafters, we offer a full line of repair & refurbishing services. 

Below is a list of general repair & refubishing services that we can perform:

  • Action Regulation (Cleaning, lubricating, realigning, tightening, and repairing piano's action).
  • Individual String Replacement.
  • Key Acceleration.
  • Cabinet Buffing.
  • Cabinet Repair (Including lids, legs, fallboards, cabinet panels etc).
  • Bench Repair
  • Contact us if you have special Refurbishing request

Player Piano Systems

Whether you're a pianist, or just someone who loves to listen to piano music, you'll enjoy hours of high-quality, expertly-played performances in your own home!

At Piano Crafters, We can custom-install a player system into any size grand piano you purchase.  We can also install them into any grand piano you own already.

These systems add value and enjoyment to your piano, and make any piano into a showpiece!


We can custom install QRS PianoMation systems that can turn your grand piano into a self-player!

We also install high-quality speakers so that you can play orchestrated CDs and make the piano play along with background music. Player piano systems are perfect for entertaining - they make a great musical centerpiece!

Also, you can enjoy beautiful piano music - even if you are a beginner piano player!


Piano Cleaning

Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate in those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your piano.

At Piano Crafters, we offer cleaning services for your piano. 

Below is a list of piano cleaning services that we can perform:

  • Sounding Board Cleaning / Dusting.
  • Vacuuming Of Piano Interior.
  • Cabinet Cleaning / Dusting.
  • Cleaning & Lubricating Of Keys.
  • Polishing Of Brass / Metal Surfaces

** It is ideal to have these services done BEFORE TUNING **


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